Why it is profitable to invest in Fairloris project?

The project has the potential of being widely disseminated among users around the world due to its great social significance. Users who have installed the Fairloris plugin in the browser can always read/add genuine feedback and comments to any pages regardless of whether there is a comments function there. Site owners cannot delete or edit the comments or reviews, thereby enabling users to read reliable information about products or services and to identify phishing and fraudulent sites. Users registration in Fairloris applications will be carried out through social networks, users will not be able to leave anonymous comments or reviews, and custom comments and fake accounts will be detected through a self-regulating moderation system that promotes active crypto currency users depending on their rating in the system, as well as through an algorithm for analyzing accounts in social networks through which the registration was conducted.

The project will be financed through advertising, just like Twitter and Facebook. The profits after deducting the expenses for running the project will be sent to owners of LORI tokens in the form of dividends, which will be paid twice a year, starting from May 1, 2019, this is provided for by the smart contract on the Ethereum platform. The project team will receive an additional 5% LORI tokens to all tokens sold, only after 12 months from the completion of the ICO, this is also provided for by the smart contract. After the completion of the ICO, the release of LORI tokens will be impossible, also, a pre- mining pool doesn't exist, this will exclude the flooding of tokens on the exchange in the future where LORI will be traded, in order to manipulate the exchange rate or enrichment. Only those tokens that were bought by investors and the 5% of team tokens will be traded that's if the team wants to sell them.

Many have questions about how the project is related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. First of all, to pay for user activity, a separate FLR cryptocurrency will be issued, which will have its own blockchain. Many people think that a blockchain network implies thousands of separate nodes installed on computers, that contain a complete copy of the blockchain, and it may seem to them that this is a difficult task to implement, but the Fairloris project team solved this problem. At the end of 2018, a full-fledged Fairloris browser, with all plug-in functionality and a built-in cryptocurrency wallet, will be ready for launch, as well as containing a full-node with built-in mining based on the Proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, tied to using the online browser. In other words, a user who has installed a Fairloris browser and uses it daily surfing, will receive an FLR crypto currency reward automatically, which he can exchange on cryptocurrency exchange for another cryptocurrency or withdraw it as fiat money. Each installation of the browser adds one full node to the Fairloris blockchain network, which makes the network stable and protected from attacks, after all, if the browser not only pays money for use but also carries a useful social function, then it will spread quickly to the masses.

Entire Internet scope

You can leave your feedback at any web page you have access to

Single sign-on

Single sign-on platform for leaving your comments all over Internet

Easy to use

You can view and leave your feedback from both mobile and desktop devices

Try it now

You can try our plugin in demo version for Google Chrome browser right now.

Implementation of investment tokens within ICO

Fairloris ICO will be launched on the Ethereum platform. For investors, a limited number of LORI investment tokens will be released (the release of tokens is limited by the ICO closing time) with a fixed minimum cost of 0.01 ETH per 1 LORI. These tokens are intended for investors who have purchased tokens in the Pre-ICO and ICO phase, and these investors will be paid dividends in the future in ETH every 6 months starting from May 1, 2019, in proportion to the percentage of the total weight. For example, an investor has LORI tokens amounting to 1% of the total weight. Therefore, when calculating dividends, the investor receives 1% of the amount allocated for the payment of dividends. The amount for dividend payment will be determined as the income of the project for the past 6 months minus all expenses of the project. All figures and statistics on project expenses and revenues will be available in the investor personal account (this function will be realized until 25.12.2018). Monetization of the project / tokens for investors is carried out by launching the tokens on the exchange, introduction of advertising on the service (dividends to depositors from profit), and strengthening of the cryptocurrency as the number of active users increases and its value increases on the stock exchanges.

  • Start Pre-ICO: October 10th 2017 at pm 2:00 GMT - 24th 2017 pm 2:00 GMT
  • ICO: November 10th, 2017 at 2:00 pm GMT
  • End date: 4th December 2017 at 2:00 GMT
  • Aim: 15,000 ETH
  • Name of investment token: LORI

Exchange rate for the period of ICO

  • Pre-ICO (Bonus 20%): 120 LORI = 1 ETH
  • ICO: 100 LORI = 1 ETH

LORI token release mechanism

The release of LORI tokens is limited to the closing date of the ICO. During the ICO, the tokens are credited at the rate of 1 ETH = 100 LORI. Once the ICO is closed, new LORI tokens cannot be released. The project team gets 5% of all issued tokens, but after 12 months from the closing date of the ICO, which is provided by the smart contract.

Assumed use of borrowed funds

Research & Development

Road map

Simple back-end


A simple, not distributed across multiple servers back-end, which is capable of processing a limited number of simultaneous requests.

Chrome plug-in


A plug-in for Chrome browser with implemented basic functionality: viewing comments, authorizing via Facebook, adding, editing comments and managing their ratings

Cloud back-end

April 2018

Completion of the development of a powerful back-end on the basis of its own cloud solution, capable of easily scaling under increasing loads

Plug-ins for all browsers 

July 2018

Completion of full development of the plug-in for full functionality and for all popular browsers, with the implemented plug-in system

Mobile application

July 2018

Launch of a mobile application for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, with a similar plug-in functionality

Adding images

August 2018

Running your own CDN system and implementing the functionality for uploading images to comments


October 2018

Start of a large-scale promotion of the project on the Internet and beyond: a full range of marketing activities, including advertising on TV and radio

Advertising network

December 2018

Completion of the development of an advertising network that provides advertisements based on: the context of commented pages, user settings, preferences and interests

Fairloris browser

December 2018

Launching a browser based on Google Chromium with a built-in  Fairloris functionality, a crypto-currency project wallet (FLR) with built-in mining algorithm (PoS), linked to the time of using the browser in on-line mode, the ability to customize the appearance and the platform to extend the Fairloris functionality for the users of the network

Our team

Tyshchenko Volodymyr

Cofounder / Chief Developer

Backend/Frontend developer, has 12 years of experience in Web development and in related areas, with vast knowledge of technologies for high load projects. He has practical expertise both in individual development and in team development of projects as well as being a team leader. Has a master’s degree in informational control systems and technologies.

Jahn Nietzke

CEO & Cofounder / Developer

Backend developer, has 15 years of experience developing and programming interfaces. Many years of experience working with databases and Linux server systems. Know-how in e-commerce and affiliate Internet marketing.

Florian Gebauer

UX Designer / Developer

User interface and frontend developer with more than 5 years of experience. Extensive knowledge in the development of graphical interfaces with high-level usability. Know-how in SEO and SEM. Has a master's degree in computer science.

Shtempelyuk Roman

Server Applications Developer

Developer and server application architect with 10 years of experience. He is an expert in developing high reliability and high fault-tolerance cluster systems with hardware and software solutions including those developed exclusively by him. Has higher education in technological-process automation.

Nikita Pimoshenko

Web Developer

Developer with over 5 years of experience in professional development of various projects in e-commerce, fintech and advertising. In his work uses SOLID and Unit testing as well as KISS paradigms. Has extensive knowledge and expertise in developing technologies for web back-end solutions and in team leader experience.

Vitaliy Ustyantsev

Vitaliy Ustyantsev

Web Developer

A developer with 3 years of experience in developing various projects, extensions for browsers, advanced web applications, various websites. Has practical experience in command and single development. He received an engineering degree in Automated Systems for Information Processing and Management

Ishchenko Victor

Ishchenko Victor

iOS / Android Developer

The developer of native mobile applications - Android, iOS with more than 5 years experience. The knowledge and application of the operating system's guidelines allows him to develop convenient, modern interfaces for a wide range of devices. Extensive experience in related fields helps him to choose the best technology, which makes the application fast, reliable and the development time is reduced to minimum. Participates in the full development cycle of the application - from the idea stage to its publication in the market. A Master's degree holder in the specialty: Automation of technological processes.

Alexei Petyushkin

Alexei Petyushkin


Expert with almost 20 years of experience in developing graphic interfaces of web and mobile applications with high-level usability. Has extensive practical expertise in state-of-the-art graphic editors as well as in keeping track of cutting-edge solutions in his area. Worked with famous brands such as Austrian Airlines, Motul, Mywalit, Ford, Logitech, Panda Security, Park Inn etc. He participated in the development of over 500 websites and he is the author of 3 books on web-design, HTML and advertising.

Tyshchenko Valentina

SMM Specialist

SMM specialist with 6 years of experience, has vast practical knowledge in optimisation and promotion of web content, social media accounts and mobile applications as well as testing of websites and mobile apps. Has a bachelor’s degree in English language and translation.

Anna Burchanova

QA Manager

QA Manager, has 11 years of experience in Quality Control and Quality Assurance in IT projects. Has practical expertise in testing, processes engineering and auditing. Has Specialist's degree in Computers Sciences and Management.

Violetta Brosnueva

Project Manager

Project Manager, has 6 years of experience in project managements development and 1 years in website promotion and online advertising. She (in parallel with her main duty) performed tasks of recruiting, administrative tasks of the head of the IT department, and trained Account managers.

George Evripides

Head of Accounting

With his long term experience as a personal banker at the Bank of Cyprus, George is the right choice as our Head of Accounting. He is not just a financial expert, George is a team player and motivator. Always friendly, he leads his team to the targeted goals.

Our Advisors

Franz Marschallinger

Franz Marschallinger

Franz works at Securitas Services, he is an experienced developer and innovator. His main goal and passion is an individual approach to the security concept, high demands to the level of service, a worker's qualifications and technical skills. Thanks to a deep understanding of business processes, he creates new solutions and original, modern optimization processes.

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